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  • Visiting Atlantic City

    Visiting Atlantic City

    If you're searching for the best experience of your life, you should look at Atlantic City. Believe it or not, this city has inspired the initial Monopoly board game – which anyone has played at some point or another. However, be warned: like any trip you do, you must be well-prepared if you want to stay clear of problems.

    You can go to Atlantic City by car, road and train. It's also possible to take the airplane given that the city has an international airport. Taking the train is low-cost, too. For instance, a trip from New York to Atlantic City would take about two hours and cost you more-or-less $35.

    Now, should you not have lived in a bunker for the previous decades, you know very well what is the main activity of this city. You must give it a try at least one time, even if you are not a fan of it. Cab services and buses help make the traveling around the city quite inexpensive - from $3 to $15.

    If you genuinely are not a fan of the main activity, don't worry: Atlantic City is also known for many other things. Like what? Its aquarium, its elephant whose known as Lucy, its historical museum, its water show and its Monopoly monument. Prices vary, but obviously, you need to pay for most of them. In case you are with limited funds, pick the free activities: the water show, the historical museum and the Monopoly monument. Internet websites like Atlantic City Zip Code offer more information.

    Caution! Yes, this city is safe, but like with any city of this kind, you must be careful. Avoid unpopulated roads at night, because they are filled with homeless people. They are not hostile, though. Generally, a simple and firm no will suffice. Beware of pickpockets that may take your cash.

    Added by Shakoor & Beauchamp on Fri, Jul 6th 2012